Insight in Progress returns on October 7th, 2013!

I so rarely post news I forgot to put this here! In case you don't know, Insight in Progress is going on a brief hiatus and will resume posting new episodes on Monday, October 7th 2013. In the meantime, please stay tuned as there will be some bonus content posted along the way, and you can always catch up on any missed episodes! Thank you for listening, checking out the show and/or supporting it in any way!


Welcome to Insight in Progress! I'm Jason Street, your host for the show, and I'm very excited to finally launch this thing. Please visit the About page to learn what Insight in Progress is, and then feel free to check out the show if you'd like! Ironically, this site and its related content will be a work in PROGRESS for a while, so please bear with me while any kinks are worked out.